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Patient Education

As a courtesy to our patients, we’ve made available these helpful forms and information packets. Simply click on the links below to view each PDF.


Important: You must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Surgery Information

Detailed Post-Op Care Instructions following Eyelid Surgery

Hot and Cold Compresses

Information about Eye Removal Surgery

Information about Tear Duct By-Pass Surgery 1INFORMATION-ABOUT-TEAR-DUCT-BY-PASS-SURGERY

Information about Tear Duct By-Pass Surgery (en español) CIRUGIA-DEL-CONDUCTO-LAGRIMAL

Lower Eyelid Lateral Massage Lower-Eyelid-Lateral-Massage

Lower Eyelid Upward Massage Lower-Eyelid-Upward-Massage

Massaging an Upper Eyelid After Droopy Eyelid Repair MASSAGING-AN-UPPER-EYELID-AFTER-DROOPY-EYELID-REPAIR-2

Medications and Supplements which Increase Bruising MEDICATIONS-and-SUPPLEMENTS-which-INCREASE-BRUISING

Orbital Fracture ORBIT-FRACTURE-3

Post-Op Instructions Post-Op-Instructions-ENGLISH

Post-Op Instructions (en español) Post-Op-Instructions-SPANISH

Surgery Packet Eye Surgery in the Hospital Information-about-Hospital-Surgery

Surgery Packet Eyelid Surgery in the Office SURGERY-PACKET-EYELID-SURGERY-IN-THE-OFFICE

Upper Eyelid Massage Upper-Eyelid-Massage

Vitamins for Surgery Vitamins-for-surgery

Vitamin C Protocol for Patients Before Eyelid Surgery Vitamin-C-Protocol-for-patients

Conditions & Treatments

Orbital Fracture
Orbicularis Myotoxicity
PLMD Management with Oils
PLMD Management with Oils (en español)
Prosthetic Eye Care

Information for Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid Eye Disease Video Series
Information about Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease
Information for Thyroid Patients
Dietary Guidelines for Thyroid Patients
Thyroid Opthalmopathy: A General Overview
Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease
Living with Thyroid Eye Disease
Orbital Decompression for Thyroid Eye Disease
Self-Testing Eye Movement Problems

Patient Education

Benign Essential Blepharospasm
Botox Therapy for Facial Wrinkles
Effect of Diet on Botulinum Toxin Treatments
Eye Closure Weakness
Flaxseed Oils
Guide to Eyelid Swelling
Hypertonic Saline
Mastering Tear Supplements
Orbital Fracture
Pre-Op Treatment Kybella
Prescription Tinted Lenses
Punctal Occlusion for the Treatment of Dry Eyes
Tear Supplements
What’s New and Should be New in Sunscreens