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Patient Education

As a courtesy to our patients, we’ve made available these helpful forms and information packets. Simply click on the links below to view each PDF.

Important: You must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader:


Surgery Information

One Week Post Op Instructions Eyelid Surgery

One Week Post Op Instructions Eyelid Surgery (Spanish)

Hot And Cold Compresses

Information About Tear Duct By-PassSurgery (English)

Information about Tear Duct By-Pass Surgery (Spanish)

Massaging an Upper Eyelid After Droopy Eyelid Repair

Medications and Supplements which Increase Bruising

Post Operative Pain Protocol

Surgery Packet Eye Surgery in the Hospital

Surgery Packet Eyelid Surgery in the Office

Vitamin C Protocol Prior to Eyelid Surgery

Vitamins For Surgery


Patient Education


Information for Thyroid Eye Disease


Conditions and Treatments