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Earlobe Surgery

All of our doctors are highly experienced plastic surgeons specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the eye region and face. The eyes are the focus of the face. You’ve trusted us with your eyes, now you can trust us with your earlobes.

Stretched Earlobes

Aged ears bother a lot of women. This may be due to prolonged and excessive use of heavy earrings that stretch the earlobes over time. Revive your earlobes with a safe procedure to remodel the edges, while preventing unsightly scar.

Split and Torn

When your little one pulled at your earrings, you ended up with an unsightly tear or split. Repair is possible, and in a couple of months, you can be wearing earrings again!

Ripped Earlobes

Ripped piercing holes or tunneled earlobes have overstretched and saggy skin. People who wore gauges for a long time decide at some point to get rid of them and have their ears fixed.

Earlobe Surgery Brochure

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Before & After Earlobe Surgery