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Charles Soparkar M.D., PhD, FACS

Charles Soparkar, MD, PhD, FACS, Oculoplastics Surgeon for cosmetic surgery of the eyelids and face as well as orbital reconstructive surgery at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates

Charles N.S. Soparkar, MD, PhD, FACS

Prior to entering private practice with his longtime friend and mentor, Dr. Patrinely, Dr. Charles Soparkar served as Chief of ophthalmic oncology and oculoplastic surgery at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Boston University Medical Center, and the world-renowned Lahey-Hitchcock Clinic with additional appointments at Harvard affiliated Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Tuft’s University.

A native of Massachusetts, Dr. Soparkar received both his PhD in molecular biochemistry and his medical degree from the University of Massachusetts. An avid pupil and instructor, he has trained, taught, and published in the fields of plastic and aesthetic surgery, oculoplastic surgery, molecular biochemistry, ocular pathology, ophthalmic oncology, and ocular and periocular aging and been invited to lecture across five continents.

Dr. Soparkar was the founder and coordinator of the Pan American Study Society (PASS), a research group comprised of 30 leading oculoplastic surgeons from across the American continent amassed with the goal of improving clinical knowledge and setting the highest standards of patient care.

Today, Dr. Soparkar focuses on identifying and merging cosmetic, aesthetic, and functional solutions for all of his patients. Over half his practice is devoted to correcting issues resulting from prior surgeries. He has personally treated over 7,000 patients with Thyroid Eye Disease.

Dr. Soparkar believes that patient education is the cornerstone of successful care.

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