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Plastic Eye Surgery Associates offers Pensacola Florida eye plastic surgery for people who have issues around their eyes, such as ptosis. Ptosis, or blepharoptosis, is a droopy eyelid. Bleph is a Greek-derivative, meaning eyelid, and ptosis means to droop. People who have this condition suffer from eyelids that block their sight. For example, can you imagine looking out of your eyes but your eyelid is like a curtain blocking your peripheral vision? This can be both annoying and even dangerous.

For instance, when you are performing a sport such as a volleyball, you need your peripheral to see who is on each side of you. Your droopy eyelid may be so bad that it also blocks your ability to see your teammates or the ball. In a sport such as a volleyball, you rely on reaction time, athletic skill, and all of your senses. Your eyesight is crucial to be able to play the sport well. If you lose your vision, you may not be able to react in time and drop the ball.

Houston Texas Ptosis Surgery

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Also, a droopy eyelid can hurt your chances for new job interviews or even driving. A person’s demeanor, facial expression, and attitude are essential to getting the job you want. Asymmetry of a facial abnormality may put off a hiring recruiter or make them feel uncomfortable. Especially in customer service, the way an employee presents his or herself is key to interacting with customers. Unfortunately, a droopy eyelid can give off an unpleasant expression and discourage your chances of employment.

Solutions Pensacola Florida Eye Plastic Surgery Can Solve

Eyelid surgery may sound scary, but Plastic Eye Surgery Associates has Dr. James Patrinely, Dr. Jennifer Murdock, and Dr. Charles Soparkar performing your facial procedures. They are exceptional plastic surgeons who have been operating for years, making them experts in their craft. As an example of their experience, they perform, on average, thirty-five eyelid procedures every month. Other plastic surgeons only do two or three at best. Don’t you want the best plastic surgeon to operate on your eyelids and face?

Also, all of our board-certified surgeons train other doctors on principles of cosmetic procedures and oculoplastic surgery. They all have contributed to medical knowledge, writing for textbooks and peer-reviewed medical journals as well. Other plastic surgeons even send our surgeons their complications. Over seventy percent of the procedures at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are revisions of other people’s work.

As mentioned before, droopy eyelids are one of the various issues we come across. Upper eyelid surgery, eyelid lifts, removal of bags under the eyes, and brow lifts are all procedures that our surgeons perform often. During these procedures, they can remove excess skin, fatty deposits causing bags under your eyes, or even reattach the muscle responsible for keeping your eyelid lifted when awake. Men and women alike find satisfaction in their surgical results with Plastic Eye Surgery Associates.

More Than Just Eyelids

Orbital tumors, various forms of ptosis, thyroid eye diseases, tearing, and eyelid skin cancers are other issues that require reconstructive surgery with our practice. More than just making your look better, they can even diagnose cancer or save vision from a tumor or inflammatory disease. Are you having watery eyes that constantly drain down your cheek? Our surgeons also perform tear drainage surgery to open up the area where your tears drain.

However, our practice is not only limited to Pensacola, FL. Our eye plastic surgeons also perform their incredible work in Houston and the surrounding communities in Texas. Some cases are straightforward, but our surgeons also face a very complicated diseases. They are more than capable of meeting the challenge. Other surgeons even consult them at big hospitals for their expert knowledge. Before and after photos of their patients with past complications and patient reviews speak for itself.

Other Procedures for Eye Plastic Surgery

Lower eyelid lifts or blepharoplasty is done to remove excess skin from underneath the eyes. Have you ever looked at someone and have seen wrinkles or “bags under the eyes”? Aging can cause loose skin, Crow’s feet and other wrinkles, and festoons or fat bags under the eyes. These issues can make a person look more fatigued and older than they really are. Our upper and lower eyelid lift procedures aim to improve this haggard appearance. Days after surgery, you’ll look and feel reinvigorated and more youthful.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Another procedure that involves the eyes, which may surprise you, is a forehead lift. Have you ever noticed deep creases in your forehead? If you have droopy eyelids or a heavy brow,  you may be compensated with your forehead muscles to lift everything to see better. This can then lead to forehead wrinkles and even headaches.

While our surgeons can do eye lifts, often a forehead lift is also needed to place the brow in a better position. This lifts the weight of the eyelids and also opens up the eyes more. Fortunately, Plastic Eye Surgery Associates can perform this procedure endoscopically with invisible scars that are hidden within the hair.

Eyelid Reconstruction

Eyelid skin cancer can cause large defects in the eyelids and around the face. Tumors in your eyelids can cause distorted or missing eyelashes. The area affected by cancer may have ulcerations, bleeding, crusting, or big eyelid bumps. Mohs surgery is a procedure performed by a dermatologist to remove cancer completely.  Our reconstructive surgeons step in after this excision to “put the pieces of the puzzle back together”, so to say.

Reconstruction after Mohs surgery takes special skill and creativity. Our surgeons use a variety of grafts and flaps to make you look like you have never had cancer or surgery. We also reconstruct the eyelid so that it can function correctly. Afterward, your eyelid will be able to protect the eye and preserve your vision, along with the bonus of normalizing your appearance. Our doctors are experts and will ensure your operation goes smoothly as possible.

Houston Texas Plastic Eye Surgeons

Dr. James Patrinely

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates in Pensacola, FL

As you have probably surmised, we are here for any cosmetic or reconstructive issues you may need. We are the leading practice in our field of oculoplastic surgery. If you’d like more information about Plastic Eye Surgery Associates and what we do, feel free to contact us right away! Our locations are in Houston, TX, The Woodlands, TX, Pensacola, FL, and Destin, FL. Feel free to come by for a consultation at whichever location is most convenient for you.

We have 3 board-certified surgeons to take care of your facial and eyelid needs. Also, it is essential to note that when consulting with us, we will take your individuality into the account along with your personal goals.  Everyone has a different reason for cosmetic procedures, we want to individualize a surgical plan to best fit your needs. Looking better makes a person feel better as well.

Dr. James Patrinely, Dr. Jennifer Murdock, and Dr. Charles Soparkar are professionals who do everything in their power to accommodate you as a unique person. Call (850) 473-0990 to schedule a consultation now. Visit our Pensacola office page as well! Give our plastic surgeons the privilege to be your go-to surgery center for Pensacola Florida eye plastic surgery.

Pensacola FL Fun Facts

  • Pensacola is America’s first settlement.
  • The city has more than forty primary and secondary schools.
  • Arcadia Mill is an archaeological site.
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