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Houston Texas ptosis surgery can open your eyes to a whole new world. The best oculoplastic surgery is found at the Plastic Eye Surgery Associates in Houston, Texas. We bring you top quality procedures with the most professional staff and doctors. We understand how essential it is to have service and surgical skills that you can trust. Luckily, our physicians will show you their expertise through surgical results and patient satisfaction.

Our specialists focus on plastic surgery of the eyes and face. We provide the best in ptosis surgery, eyelid lifts, cosmetic injectables, blepharoplasty, and many more services. Once you meet with us, you’ll understand why our board-certified surgeons are named the best in the business. Our excellent track record and patient testimonials will assure you that Plastic Eye Surgery Associates have your best interest at heart.

Sugar Land Texas Eye Plastic Surgery

Dr. James Patrinely

Our team knows that there are many reasons for anyone to look into plastic surgery. Whether it’s to reshape your eyes, repair orbital fractures, lift a droopy eyelid, or remove excess eyelid skin, we’ve got you covered. Our plastic surgeons are ready and willing to take care of all of your oculoplastic needs. Only Plastic Eye Surgery Associates has the experience to back up our claim to quality, and we’re here to prove it. Call in today to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified physicians, and let’s get you feeling your best again.

Houston Texas Ptosis Surgery Gives You A Lift

With over 25 years in Houston, Plastic Eye Surgery Associates have one goal in mind: Results. We know that for you, surgical results and how you look after a procedure are an essential part of plastic surgery. Fortunately, our trio of oculoplastic surgeons is dedicated to doing all they can to fulfill your needs. Each physician individualizes the treatment and surgical plan that best fits your individual characteristics.

Men and women have different facial anatomy.  Everyone’s eye shape is different. One patient may have scarring of the eyelids, while another wants to get rid of Crow’s feet wrinkles. Some kids are born with droopy eyelids from muscle weakness. Some adults get droopy eyelids from a stroke or, simply, stretching out of the muscle with age.  Our doctors can not only identify that each problem is unique in its own origin, but it also requires specialized plastic surgery to address each issue.

Dr. Patrinely, Dr. Soparkar, and Dr. Murdock all have their unique approach to facial plastic surgery. However, they come together at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates to provide Houstonians expert knowledge and top quality medical care.

Dr. James Patrinely

As one of the most prominent oculoplastic plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. James Patrinely has been a pillar in this community for over 25 years. After graduating from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, this world-renowned doctor has dedicated his practice to improve patient care. Dr. Patrinely completed residency and fellowship programs at prestigious institutions: John Hopkins, the University of Utah, and Baylor College of Medicine. Board-certified in ophthalmology, he is also credentialed by the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons. During his career, he has focused on advancing the field of oculoplastic surgery to benefit a larger patient population.

In fact, Dr. Patrinely served as an associate professor of oculoplastic surgery to mentor a new generations of surgeons. His peers have widely regarded him as an incredible writer, lecturer, and surgeon. They even refer this doctor to their own friends and families. As a shining beacon of knowledge, Dr. Patrinely serves the Houston area and Florida panhandle by ensuring that every patient he cares for is treated like his most important one.

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Dr. Charles Soparkar joins his mentor and female associate in practice because they all share a dedication for patient care and clinical knowledge. Native to Massachusetts, Dr. Soparkar earned his medical degree, along with a Ph.D. in molecular biochemistry, from the University of Massachusetts. Since then, he has served as Chief of Ophthalmic Oncology and Oculoplastic Surgery at the University of Massachusetts, Lahey-Hitchcock Clinic, and Boston Medical Center.

Sugar Land Texas Eye Lift

Dr. Charles Soparkar

With extensive knowledge in his oncology, reconstructive surgery, corrective surgery, and cosmetic procedures, Dr. Soparkar focuses on bringing his expertise to a diverse patient population. He excels at cosmetic procedures such as upper and lower eyelid surgery. However, he helps those with problems interfering with daily life, such as ptosis surgery and tearing.

As a world-famous lecturer, Dr. Soparkar has trained, taught, and published works in the fields of oculoplastic surgery, molecular biochemistry, ocular pathology, ophthalmic oncology, ocular and periocular aging, and plastic and aesthetic surgery. As a result, he has been invited to lecture in countries that have taken him across five different continents.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Looking for an excellent female plastic surgeon near me? Dr. Jennifer Murdock treats both men and women as well as children and adults in the Houston area. She had over a decade of training at the University of Miami, where she gained expertise in medicine as well as cosmetic procedures. She has experience with laser resurfacing, cosmetic injectables, and facial plastic surgery.

Continuing medical training brought her to Baylor College of Medicine for ophthalmology residency, then Casey Eye Institute in Portland, OR for further specialization in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery. She aligns her values with those of her two counterparts in the way that they all put patient care first and foremost. Does droopy eyelid need a lift? Are deep forehead wrinkles aging you? Bags under the eyes making you look tired? She can address all of these issues with eye bag removal surgery and more.

Oculoplastic Surgery to Fulfill Your Needs

Whether you’re dealing with excess skin or sagging upper lids, our surgeons are qualified to take care of your cosmetic needs. However, many of our procedures are necessary to fix a medical problem.  Droopy eyelids, eyelid ectropion or entropion, thyroid eye disease, and orbital tumors are all problems that require our expertise. We treat both men and women alike, along with kids.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Does the thought of plastic surgery sound scary? No problem!  We also offer many non-surgical procedures, like dermal fillers and Botox. Some need Botox for facial wrinkles and frown lines, while others need Botox for muscle spasms of the face, blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm.  Whatever is your reason for seeking oculoplastic surgery, know that Plastic Eye Surgery Associates can handle anything.

Ptosis Repair

Ptosis refers to a droopy eyelid that hangs over the eye, sometimes even impairing vision. This condition usually occurs from muscle failure. This muscle failure may have resulted from naturally weak eyelids, constant eyelid rubbing, contact lens use, trauma or stroke involving the area around the eye, previous eye surgery, or simply just aging changes. Ptosis doesn’t go away on its own but instead gets increasingly worse with time.

Ptosis surgery involves tightening, repositioning, or strengthening the primary eyelid muscle responsible for lifting the lid. Our surgeons have performed this procedure thousands of times and consistently provide the best results. Furthermore, the results from ptosis repair may significantly improve vision, alertness, and even the appearance of the patient. See the world without the extra weight of droopy eyelids. Droopy eyelid surgery can help you improve your vision and look.

Contact Plastic Eye Surgery Associates for Your Droopy Eyelids

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates works hard to provide the highest quality patient care and successful surgical results in all facial plastic surgery. Call us at (713) 795-0705 or find us online for more information. Don’t wait until your eyelids fail you completely, get in touch with our Houston office today and find out how Houston Texas ptosis surgery may benefit you.

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