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In Sugar Land TX Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment is exclusively found at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. Many people in the Houston area suffer from Thyroid Eye Disease. This is a complex disease that involves one’s own immune system attacking the tissues around the eyes. Also called TED, Graves’ disease, or thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy, this disorder causes double vision, severe facial disfigurement, and even blindness.

In the past, thyroid eye disease treatment starts with steroids or radiation to control inflammation. Later, several surgeries are usually necessary to try to correct permanent damage. Luckily, the doctors at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are here for you. Thyroid Eye Disease is often related to autoimmune disorders of the thyroid. However, many people can have a normal thyroid function and still have eye involvement. For many people, the symptoms can be unbearable.

First, people note their eyes are red, irritated, and scratchy. The eye starts pushing out as the eyelids become more open. Next, the vision changes occur. Dryness can cause blurry vision. Or, you can see double. Often, active inflammation around the eyes causes these changes to progress very rapidly. People with TED then complain of their eyes becoming red, swollen, and painful, especially when looking around.

Dr. James Patrinely

Dr. James Patrinely

Recently, a breakthrough has happened! The FDA approved the only Thyroid Eye Disease, called Tepezza. This treatment can stop the destructive inflammation and prevent horrible changes from happening. Additionally, Tepezza can even reverse some of the eye problems that cause vision loss.

A Stranger in the Mirror

First, your own immune cells begin attacking the tissues around the eyes in Thyroid Eye Disease. Therefore, the muscles that move the eye, fat around the eye, and the eyelids are all affected. The immune attack causes fat and muscle cells to get bigger and expand as well as scar tissue to develop. As the muscles and fat expand behind the eye, they push the eyeball out of the socket.

At the same time, the eyelids retract, opening the eyes and exposing the surface of the eye to air even more. Can all of these horrible things happen to your eyes at once? Talk about bulging eyes! As the eyeball pushes out and the eyelids open too much, the eye can’t close.  Then, the eyes become very dry, irritated, and red. This is very painful.

Also, people look into a mirror and don’t even recognize themselves anymore.  They see bulging and swollen eyes that make them look strange. How sad to have your face look so different than it did just a few months ago! Even more so, people can go blind. The bigger fat and muscles compress the optic nerve, which is like a cable cord connecting your eye to your brain. Additionally, the nerve is stretched out as the eye moves forward. All of this can lead to nerve damage and vision loss.

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates in Sugar Land, TX

This sounds like a very complex process.  Who do patients turn to for help? Well, the doctors at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are specialists in Thyroid Eye Disease and treatment. They have been leading the charge in Houston and Sugar Land, TX for Thyroid Eye Disease treatment for decades. Our board-certified surgeons are the best at handling these complicated cases.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

As mentioned before, treatment begins controlling the inflammation. First, we can choose steroids, IV medications, or even radiation.  Unfortunately, many of these options can have side effects like weight gain, liver problems, and insomnia. Once the inflammation is under control, the scarring and permanent changes are still apparent. At that time, our expert surgeons perform corrective surgery to try to lessen the permanent damage. However, you can’t reverse changes from Thyroid Eye Disease. Progression or relapse can also still occur at a slow rate.

Plastic Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment

To begin, surgical treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease happens in 3 steps. First, orbital decompression opens the bones in the orbit and sinuses. This relieves pressure on the optic nerve and gives more space in the eye socket.  Thus, the eye can return to a more normal position in the skull.

Second, eye muscle surgery is performed to correct the double vision. With damage to the eye muscles, the eyes can be pulled in different directions, looking all wonky. They also don’t move fully side-to-side or up and down. That’s why surgery is needed to make the eyes look straight again.

Finally, eyelid surgery is needed to make the eyes close again.  We can also remove some of the puffiness around the eyes and eye bags at this time.  This order for thyroid eye disease treatment is important because each procedure affects the next one after. The first priority is saving vision, but often this disease causes severe facial disfigurement.  People become insecure and less confident about their facial appearance with this disease.  Thankfully, our expert doctors are the best plastic surgeons to correct these issues.

The Tortoise Always Wins the Race

Importantly, every patient must understand that this 3-step process is a marathon, not a sprint. Everyone also needs time to recover from surgery before planning the next step. Often, patients even need more than only three reconstructive surgeries to restore their natural appearance or improve vision. Additionally, the double vision can really affect people’s lives. Likewise, it’s very hard to wait for anti-inflammatory medications to kick in and recovery after large skull-based surgeries to begin to address this issue.

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Picture this: you’re driving on Highway 59 with six lanes of traffic, but you actually see 12 lanes of traffic and hundreds of cars. How dangerous! Or, you are trying to hit your golf ball down the fairway, but when you look at the tee, you see double. Yikes! Double vision is hard to live with. To achieve the best results, it can only be addressed when other aspects are stable.

Our trio of oculoplastic surgeons is the experts in the treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease. We are the best doctors you can find in all of Houston, TX, for this specific disorder. Furthermore, our doctors truly understand how difficult it can be to suffer from this complex disease.  Experience counts, and you can count on us. Our surgeons have performed over 6,000 procedures for the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease.

The only FDA-approved Treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease is TEPEZZA

Hot Off the Press! The only Thyroid Eye Disease treatment approved by the FDA was recently released: TEPEZZA. Tepezza is a biologic that improved symptoms in patients suffering from active Thyroid Eye Disease. In the clinical trials, patients showed a significant decrease in proptosis and inflammation after a series of infusions. Currently, this is the only treatment shown to reverse what was once considered permanent changes, such as proptosis. Hence, this treatment option shows the true potential for treating Thyroid Eye Disease.

We enthusiastically announce that our very own Dr. Jennifer Murdock is the leading expert in this unique thyroid eye disease treatment in Sugar Land, TX. She is the only invited speaker in Houston to give educational presentations about Tepezza. In addition, she is one of the few doctors nationwide who have the first-hand experience with Tepezza. This is because she participated in the clinical trials in her practice in Portland, Oregon.

And so, you should definitely consult with our experts at Plastic Surgery Eye Associates for a consultation. We are happy to evaluate your eye problems and offer more information about Tepezza and other Thyroid Eye Disease treatments.

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are the Experts for Your Thyroid Eye Disease

Our team of surgeons has the most extensive experience and knowledge of Thyroid Eye Disease in all of Houston, TX. Not only are our plastic eye surgeons the best, but our exceptional staff will provide the best care. Call us today at (713) 795-0705. Or, you can visit our website to request a consultation or find more information about our practice.

Additionally, our doctors have made a Thyroid Eye Disease video series for educating our patients. Men and women can find these videos and more information on our thyroid eye disease website page. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our office today. Contact Plastic Eye Surgery Associates today!

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