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When it comes to searching for “Sugar Land TX cosmetic surgery near me,” you won’t find any practice better than Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. We perform state of the art procedures aimed at giving your facial features an improved aesthetic appeal. Our cosmetic procedures include both surgical and non-surgical procedures to give your face a new, vibrant look.

Your face is your money maker. Cosmetic surgery can allow for you to feel more comfortable in your skin by correcting small aging changes. Dr. James Patrinely, Dr. Jennifer Murdock, and Dr. Charles Soparkar are board-certified physicians who specialize in oculoplastic surgery for both cosmetic and reconstructive needs in the eye region.

These doctors have achieved many accolades in their careers. They are internationally recognized for their surgical skills and in-depth knowledge of facial plastic surgery, anatomy, new techniques, and cosmetic injectables. Moreover, they have delivered over four-hundred lectures across five continents and are the authors of over two-hundred and seventy medical journal articles.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Therefore, when getting cosmetic surgery or another procedure, you can breathe easy knowing you’re in good hands. By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Patrinely, Dr. Murdock, or Dr. Soparkar, you ensure success. You don’t want to leave your face in a rookie or someone who doesn’t have a surgeon’s knowledge of facial anatomy and surgical techniques.

The Best Cosmetic Surgeons for Eyelids

Many people offer Botox and filler injections as well as eyelid surgery. But, how well do they really perform these types of cosmetic procedures? Can you trust them to take care of your face, your primary feature? All of our surgeons are experts in facial plastic surgery and specialize further in the delicate area around the eyes. First and foremost, we protect the eye during any procedure. Also, we are the practice that is often referred other surgeons’ complications. Over half of our surgery is corrective work after previous surgeries have failed to meet expectations.

Don’t end up on the TV show Botched. Come and see us at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, so that you can have your cosmetic surgery done right the first time. Schedule a consultation today to find out how we can make your face look and feel brighter and more youthful.

Talk to Me Without Words

Your face communicates emotion and tells a person how you feel. Expressions communicate depression, anger, happiness, sadness, sarcasm, and a variety of other moods. When you age, you can develop droopy eyelids, deep forehead creases, frown lines, Crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, and sagging in the jowls. Therefore, aging changes to the face can muddle happy, alert, and optimistic expressions. Can you imagine your boss giving a presentation while you look half asleep because of droopy eyelids? It can be embarrassing and appear to be rude.

Usually, we deal with aging issues of the eyelids. It can be a droopy eyelid, known as ptosis, where it is not able to lift to its proper height.  Alternatively, you may have excess eyelid skin, or dermatochalasis, that hangs over the lash line and weighs down the eyelids. With either problem, it can cause the eyelid to droop so much that it obstructs your view. However, it can also misconstrue your alertness, causing you to portray drowsiness or boredom.

Excuse me! Watch Where You’re Going!

For example, if you are a professional chef, you have a dining room full of people for whom to cater. Also, you have other cooks in the kitchen and wait staff moving at a fast-pace, which provides a challenge in itself. Therefore, if you have a droopy eyelid, it can block your peripheral vision or most of your eye, making it difficult to cook or see people moving quickly all around you. This could potentially cause accidents and frustration.

Sugar Land Texas Eye Plastic Surgery

Dr. James Patrinely

Therefore, many eyelid surgeries can both make you look great and improve your vision. Furthermore, deep forehead creases may develop when people compensate to lift their droopy eyelids by raising the eyebrows, scrunching the forehead. By removing the excess weight of the skin during a blepharoplasty or strengthening the eyelid muscle in a ptosis repair, you can then allow this overactive forehead muscle to relax. As a result, those forehead wrinkles will fade away and give your forehead a smoother appearance.

Cosmetic Procedures at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates

Fortunately, Plastic Eye Surgery Associates has a team of board-certified surgeons who are eager to help improve your aesthetic appearance. When facing problems with the eyelids, much care needs to be taken around this delicate area. Luckily, all of our physicians have trained with and now instruct programs certified by the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. ASOPRS is the leading board that approves only true experts in the field of oculoplastic surgery.

In addition to upper eyelid surgery, we commonly perform surgery on the lower eyelids as well, primarily for loose, saggy skin as well as eye bags. This is also a blepharoplasty but in the lower eyelids. Eye bag removal will get rid of the tired or uninterested look you have. Usually, more fatty tissue prolapses into the lower eyelids, causing the eye to look puffy and worn out.

Cosmetic Surgery for More than the Eyelids

Extending past the upper and lower eyelids, the structures around them, like the face, eyebrows, and forehead, require cosmetic surgery to improve an overall rejuvenated look. Heavy brows or droopy eyebrows can contribute to hooding around the eyes and cause additional weight to make droopy eyelids look even worse. Sometimes, we perform an endoscopic forehead lift or brow lift along with eyelid surgery to give a better lift and really make those eyes pop.

Gravity can make the tissues in our face fall downwards, both contributing to heavy jowls and loss of volume in the cheeks. A midface lift can help to lift the upper cheeks to restore volume in the cheeks as well as provide support to the lower eyelids. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, like botulinum toxin (Botox) and fillers, are also used to get rid of facial wrinkles, including Crow’s feet around the eyes, and fill in areas of volume loss, like plumping the lips.

Sugar Land Texas Eye Lift

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Each individual has his or her own area of concern that needs to be addressed. This is why when we perform cosmetic surgery for both men and women, we individual the procedure to make sure it is aligned with your own personal goals.  No face is the same, so why would cosmetic surgery be? The doctors at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates will develop the appropriate surgical plan just for you.

PESA Provides Sugar Land TX Cosmetic Surgery Near Me

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are the experts in all kinds of facial cosmetic procedures, including Botox and Juvederm, earlobe surgery, corrective plastic surgery, and of course, blepharoplasty. Our staff prides themselves on providing excellent customer service. Whether it is a simple Botox injection or a more complicated forehead lift, upper and lower eyelid lift, and midface lift combination, we are here to help you.

As certified professionals and leaders in facial plastic surgery, our doctors run a collaborative practice dedicated to improving your look. Call (713) 795-0705 for more information about our cosmetic procedures. You may also visit our Houston office location page to see the other services offered. Next time you find yourself searching for “Sugar Land TX Cosmetic Surgery Near me,” know that Plastic Eye Surgery Associates is the way to go!

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

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  • Part of the movie, “The Sugarland Express,” takes place in Sugar Land.
  • Our Sugar Land Imperial Refinery was shut down in 2002.
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