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Plastic Eye Surgery Associates is the premier surgery center for your Sugar Land Texas eye plastic surgery. Eyelid surgery may be something you think doesn’t get a lot of attention, but we come across dozens of patients who have issues with wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes. For example, blepharoptosis is a condition where the primary muscle of your upper eyelid becomes stretched out or detached from the skeletal frame of your eye socket. Therefore, you may have seen a person with loose eyelid skin or excess skin hanging over the lash line of their eyelid.

Although fatty tissues and extra skin are involved, eyelid surgery requires specific expertise. Droopy eyelids can be addressed by our surgeons Dr. James Patrinely, Dr. Jennifer Murdock, and Dr. Charles Soparkar. Our expert surgeons have performed over 174,000 eyelid and facial surgeries and counting. Additionally, all of our physicians’ extensive experience in their craft. Patients seek out their expertise from around the world. Our surgeons also teach and educate fellow physicians of the professional work they do.

Sugar Land Texas Eye Plastic Surgery

Dr. James Patrinely

Remarkably, over seventy percent of our procedures involve revisions of other people’s work. That margin of error should tell you just how many professionals throughout the world aren’t as capable as advertised. Our three doctors are board-certified surgeons who perform facial procedures regularly. Residences of Sugar Land commonly seek out our cosmetic procedure practices. When thinking about Sugar Land plastic surgeries, keep Plastic Eye Surgery Associates in mind. We provide treatment plans for all residents in the Sugar Land area.

Sugar Land Texas Eye Plastic Surgery for Diverse Issues

We address a variety of issues dealing with facial aesthetics. We are highly recommended by top-notch physicians as well as other satisfied patient who have experienced excellent plastic surgery. Due to our high standards, we are a driving force in oculoplastic surgery in Sugar Land and Houston, TX as well as Pensacola and Destin, FL. Therefore, we take extra effort in ensuring your aesthetic concern doesn’t negatively affect your life anymore. Let’s delve into some situations where plastic eye surgery can benefit you.

When you’re doing a simple activity such as playing basketball, a droopy eyelid can impact your performance drastically. As previously discussed, blepharoptosis is a condition where the upper eyelid is not able to lift like it’s supposed to, causing the eyelid to droop down and obscure your view. Therefore, when playing a sport, you can’t see teammates in your peripheral vision to pass the ball. Thus, poor performance and accidents can happen with limited vision.

Aside from limiting your ability playing sports, a droopy eyelid can be more dangerous when you’re driving a car or doing housework on a tall ladder.  Limited vision can lead to serious injuries in these situations. Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are the experts in eyelid surgery to lift that eyelid and restore your vision.

We also address cosmetic imperfections. Dr. James Patrinely, Dr. Jennifer Murdock, and Dr. Charles Soparkar are the leaders in their profession when it comes to oculoplastic surgical procedures. They can give you medical advice for your cosmetic or reconstructive needs, including excess fat causing eye bags or facial scarring from an accident.

Our Cosmetic Procedures

With 4 different clinic locations, Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are readily available to address your concerns. Do you ever wonder how models and movie stars still look so good, even after they age?  Plastic surgery doesn’t have to make you look fake or like a drastically different person. Our surgeons provide conservative approaches to eye plastic surgery that make your appearance look better, but natural.

Cosmetic Injectables

Both men and women experience changes around the eyes with age that can be even more apparent with a lifetime of sun exposure. Wrinkles under the eye and Crow’s feet can usually be corrected with Botox, Dysport, or Jeuveau injections.  These are botulinum toxin injections that weaken the muscles of the face, allowing it to relax.  Thus, the wrinkles and deep creases around the forehead and eyes fade away.

Not all aesthetic interventions involve surgery. Another nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that our plastic surgeons offer are filler injections, like Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Voluma. With age, our faces lose the volume that is usually seen in chubby baby faces.  Other areas sag and droop, causing odd lines and puffiness around the face. Dermal fillers can provide volume in areas that need plumping – like the lips, cheeks, and tear trough.

Sugar Land Texas Eye Lift

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Plastic Surgeons You Can Trust

With the popularity of Botox and filler, many different people become “certified” to inject these foreign materials into your face. It could be the owner of a salon or your gynecologist. Serious complications can occur if filler gets into a blood vessel, like tissue death and necrosis, causing the skin to turn black, as well as permanent vision loss if the vessel goes to your eye.

Those unfortunate patients get referred to our eye plastic surgeons because many other injectors do not know how to handle these complicated situations. Don’t let just anyone inject your face. Trust the experts around the eye at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates to provide filler treatment to those dangerous areas in your face.

We provide safe procedures and excellent results the first time around. We have the best plastic surgeons in the Houston area who are experts in the eyelids and facial rejuvenation. When consulting with us for plastic surgery, you can rest assured we’ll do everything in our power to give you the best cosmetic results. Come to the facial plastic surgeons who take care of others’ mistakes and have the specific expertise for these facial procedures.

The Plastic Eye Surgery Associates Experience

Since 1985, our practice has specialized in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Our oculoplastic surgeons are dedicated leaders in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Let us take your cosmetic appearance to the next level. Moreover, we do more than just make your eyelids look pretty. We provide you a world-class experience, the best customer service and bedside manner, and even a whole new outlook on life!

Our many thank you notes and testimonials from our patients support your important decision in choosing Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. Let us bring out the youthful and bright face you have been dreaming of! Say goodbye to droopy eyelids, forehead wrinkles, and saggy skin after you visit our surgery center.

Texas Eye Bag Surgery

Texas Eye Bag Surgery

Give us a call at (713) 795-0705 to schedule your consultation. When it comes to plastic eye surgery, the doctors look forward to finding the best possible procedure to fit your needs. Our Houston office resides at 3730 Kirby Dr., Suite 900. We also see patients in The Woodlands, TX, at 128 Vision Park Blvd. Suite 150. We’re here to provide you with the best service for Sugar Land Texas Eye Plastic Surgery around your area.

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • Sugar Land was a company town for over fifty years!
  • Two professional minor league sports teams reside here consisting of Sugar Land Skeeters and Sugar Land Imperials.
  • Sugar Land has more than 560 acres of developed parkland.
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