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If you’re in Destin Florida Ptosis Surgery can fix your droopy eyelids here at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates.  Plastic Eye Surgery Associates have been providing the best oculoplastic surgery, like upper eyelid surgery, brow lifts, and ptosis surgery to the men and women of Northwest Florida for many years.

For the citizens of Destin, plastic surgeons Dr. Soparkar, Dr. Patrinely, and Dr. Murdock are here to offer the best results for your ptosis surgery, no matter how severe the case may be. Don’t wait for your droopy eyelid to become a problem, call our office today, and schedule an appointment.

Your face and eyes are the primary focus that people see when you meet someone new. Wrinkles, sagging or droopy eyelids, and loose skin all create an inaccurate depiction of who you are as a person. Regardless, our oculoplastic surgeons are able to correct many different imperfections and problems.

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Dr. James Patrinely

For instance, lower eye bags and wrinkles can make a person look worn out or sleepy. A procedure called a lower eyelid blepharoplasty can tighten saggy skin and remove the fatty deposits in the lower eyelids. Other patients are not concerned about their appearance but have medical conditions that threaten or reduce vision. Either way, our expert surgeons can take care of you!

Destin Florida Ptosis Surgery for Your Eyelids

Ptosis is a droopy eyelid caused by a muscle that is weak, stretched out, or detached from its origin. It is not treated the same way as other cosmetic facial concerns. Fortunately, Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are experts in oculoplastics, which includes ptosis repair and all other types of eyelid surgery. From a biopsy of skin cancer on the eyelid to a cosmetic eyelid lift, we can handle any procedure in the area around the eye.

Unlike removing excess skin in a blepharoplasty procedure, we repair the damaged muscle in your eyelid in ptosis surgery. There are numerous reasons people develop ptosis. For example, trauma to your eyelid can cause it to droop. Alternatively, some children are born with a weak muscle or fatty deposits in the muscle tissue. Also, contact lenses, repeated eye rubbing, aging, and eye surgeries can all cause ptosis.

Surgical Procedure

Ptosis repair involves a quick procedure that strengthens the muscle or reattaches the muscle to its proper origin. A small incision can be made in the natural crease of the eyelid or on the backside of the eyelid. Our physicians can lift the eyelid back into its proper position. This way, you won’t have to deal with vision impairment and facial asymmetry.

Our World-Famous Oculoplastic Surgeons

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates treat every patient like a VIP. Your experience during consultation and procedures will leave you happy and satisfied. When you come in for a consultation, we work with your individual goals and concerns to determine the best treatment plan for you. Once we have a goal and strategy, we’ll amaze you with fantastic results.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Eyes are unique to every individual. As such, plastic surgery should always be different for every pair of eyes. For instance, you may require ptosis surgery to lift that droopy eyelid. Alternatively, another patient is looking for Botox injections to get rid of Crow’s feet. Thus, we approach each patient differently to ensure your unique needs are met appropriately.

Therefore, our staff attends to your specific issue differently than any other patient, no matter your reason for coming in. Once you meet with Dr. Soparkar, Dr. Murdock, or Dr. Patrinely, you’ll feel informed about the procedure and excited for the new look of your eyes yet to come.

We want you to look your best. To do that, our surgeons have extensive knowledge and experience that they use to provide the best facial procedures. Our board-certified doctors can handle any plastic surgery procedure you need because they’ve seen it all. Don’t trust your face to a plastic surgeon who specializes in tummy tucks. Instead, go to the best ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in the area around the eyes.

Dr. Charles Soparkar

A Massachusetts native, Dr. Soparkar graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a medical degree and Ph.D. in molecular biochemistry. Once licensed, he went on to serve as Chief of Oculoplastic Surgery and Ophthalmology at world-famous institutions, like the University of Massachusetts, the Boston Medical Center, and Lahey-Hitchcock Clinic. During his time at these academic centers, Dr. Soparkar focused on improving patient care and clinical knowledge in oculoplastic surgery.

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Dr. Charles Soparkar

Also, Dr. Soparkar took 30 of the leading experts in the field in America and founded the Pan American Study Society (PASS) with a mission to continue improving patient care. He has trained, taught, and published works in oculoplastic surgery, molecular biochemistry, ophthalmic oncology, ocular pathology, ocular and periocular aging, plastic and aesthetic surgery. He not only is an intelligent and skilled surgeon, but he also treats all of his patients with kindness and empathy.

Dr. James Patrinely

Joining his colleague, Dr. Patrinely has an equally successful career in oculoplastic surgery. Graduating from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, our respected doctor became a leading expert in surgery early on. Dr. Patrinely completed residency and fellowships at great programs, such as John Hopkins, University of Utah, and Baylor College of Medicine. Once board-certified in ophthalmology and credentialed, Dr. Patrinely wasted no time in bringing the best care to his patients. He even served as an associate professor for 11 years in ophthalmology and plastic surgery.

With over 100 works published in his field and over 200 lectures given world-wide, our doctor is widely respected and considered one of the best plastic surgeons in the world. His peers have even voted Dr. Patrinely as Best for Eyes in Houston in “Best Plastic Surgeons in the US by Major City.” Residing in Florida, Dr. Patrinely is an invaluable asset to our practice.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Dr. Murdock brings a female perspective to Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. She spent a decade in Florida for college, medical school, and an internship in internal medicine. While at the University of Miami, she had to face international challenges and a high volume of trauma in this unique patient population. Also, she worked with the Department of Cosmetic Medicine as a research fellow, studying innovative laser, cosmetic injection, topical cream, and surgical technologies.

Later, Dr. Murdock completed her residency at Baylor College of Medicine. Lastly, she further specialized in oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery at Oregon Health and Science University. Now, board-certified in ophthalmology, Dr. Murdock specializes in all procedures involving the eyelids, eye socket, tearing system, and facial cosmetic surgery. All of these surgeons have options for procedures for both men and women, and Dr. Murdock even treats children with eyelid issues.

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Plastic Eye Surgery Associates has an excellent surgical practice that spans two different states in the country, Florida and Texas. Our team is prepared and excited to provide you with all of your oculoplastic needs. We can offer you ptosis or droopy eyelid surgery when you meet with us. Don’t wait until your eyes become a problem, call (850) 473-0990 or find us the Destin office page. Destin Florida ptosis surgery with Plastic Eye Surgery Associates can broaden your field of vision and restore your facial symmetry.

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