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We are pleased to offer Dysport as a newly FDA-approved alternative to Botox now widely available in the United States. However, Dysport is not new to our practice. Over half a decade ago, we performed one of the largest clinical studies on this medication in the U.S. and discovered the injection strategies now used across the globe to maximize the duration and effect of treatments.

Are Botox and Dysport the same? Both are botulinum toxin Type A purified from bacterium with an identical mechanism of action, and contrary to many advertisements and claims, our experience is they last about the same amount of time.



Botox and Dysport ARE different in the following ways:

Cost — competition is driving the cost of both toxins down through competitive promotional offers. Ask us about current, manufacturer-driven charges.


dysportDose — different people handle the two toxins differently, and a conversion between the two is not always simple. For most, we don’t recommend frequent switching back and forth between the two, because for us to develop an understanding of how your body handles the toxins and to maximize your effectiveness, we need consistent data.

Onset — Dysport appears to have a slightly earlier time of onset.

Spread of Effect — Dysport’s effect spreads out more from the area of injection, similar to what happens when you dilute Botox. For some, this is good, but for others, this is bad. If you need pinpoint accuracy, then you probably want highly concentrated Botox. In some patients, we use a combination of Botox and Dysport to give them the best effect at the lowest cost.

Our physicians, each of whom has over twenty years of Botox injection experience in tens of thousands of treatments, perform all of our Botox therapy. Come see what innovative, individualized approaches we can offer you.


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