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Eyelid Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Skin cancer often involves the skin of the eyelid or adjacent face. Usually, skin cancers appear as painless elevations or nodules. Occasionally, the eyelashes are distorted or missing. There may be ulcerations of the involved area, along with bleeding, crusting, and/or distortion of the normal skin structure. Excessive sun exposure is the single most important factor associated with skin cancers on the face. Although, skin cancers may also be hereditary.

There are two very important principles in the treatment of eyelid skin cancers – complete removal and reconstruction. Complete removal of the tumor is critical to minimize the spread of cancer and risk of recurrence. Once the tumor has been completely removed, often with our dermatology colleagues who perform a Mohs surgery, reconstructive surgery is performed to make a new eyelid or repair the defect. The goals remain the same: to reconstruct the eyelid so that it functions properly to protect the eye and preserve vision and to achieve a satisfactory cosmetic appearance.

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