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In Houston TX Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment is best managed by the experts at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. Thyroid Eye Disease is a complex autoimmune disease that can cause many problems. It can also be called TED, thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy, and Graves’ Disease. People suffer from double vision, blindness, and severe disfigurement. Traditionally, thyroid eye disease treatment consists of steroids or radiation to control inflammation. Later, a series of surgeries are usually necessary to correct permanent damage.

Thankfully, the doctors at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates can take care of you. Thyroid Eye Disease is so named because it often is related to disorders of the thyroid. However, many people can have a normal thyroid and still get eye disease. First, most people notice that their eyes start to become too open and may even look “bug-eyed.” Then, the eyes feel dry and irritated while constantly look red.

Dr. James Patrinely

Dr. James Patrinely

Next, the vision changes occur. You can see double, or the vision becomes blurry. Often, active inflammation accompanies these changes. This causes the eyes to be red, swollen, and painful, especially when looking in different directions. Recently, a new medication for Thyroid Eye Disease treatment came out, called Tepezza. This medication can calm down the active inflammation, prevent horrible damage, and even reverse some of the terrible changes that have occurred.

Attack! Attack!

First, Thyroid Eye Disease begins with your own immune cells, attacking the tissues around the eyes. This includes the muscles that move the eye, fat that cushions the eye, and the eyelids. Then, the fat and muscle cells get bigger and expand while fibrosis, or scarring, builds up in the eyelids. The big fat and muscles push the eyeball out of the socket. Simultaneously, the eyelid fibrosis causes retraction, opening the eyes even more.

Can you imagine both of these processes happening at once? As the eyeball gets pushed out, the eyelids pull back and can’t close. Then, the eyelids can’t appropriately protect the surface of the eye, leaving it dry, irritated, and red. Many people complain of a feeling like they got sand in the eye. Ouch!

More importantly, the large fat cells and eye muscles start to compress against the optic nerve. As the eyeball moves out, called proptosis, the nerve is also put on stretch. Finally, these changes could ultimately lead to nerve damage and permanent blindness.

Can Anybody Help Me?

Absolutely! Plastic Eye Surgery Associates have been leading the force in Houston, TX, for Thyroid Eye Disease treatment for decades. We have board-certified surgeons who are the best at handling these complicated cases. As we mentioned, initial treatment begins with options to control the inflammation. This can range from steroids to IV medications to even radiation. Many of these options can have side effects like weight gain and insomnia.

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Once the inflammation has burned out, scar tissue and permanent changes are left behind. Next, surgeons try to correct permanent damage with reconstructive surgery. However, we have never been able to prevent TED from progressing. Nor can we reverse changes, like scar tissue, that has already happened.

Corrective Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment

Often, surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease treatment is a 3 step process. This includes orbital decompression, then eye muscle surgery, and finally eyelid surgery. This order is important because each procedure affects the next thereafter. The first priority is saving vision, but it is very common for this disease to cause severe disfigurement. People often say that they don’t even recognize themselves in the mirror anymore. Luckily, our expert surgeons are very adept at reconstructive surgery to correct these issues.

However, it is important to note that this 3-step process is more of a marathon, not a sprint. You need time to recover from surgery before planning the next step. Commonly, patients need more than three corrective surgeries to even come close to their previous facial appearance. Not to mention, the double vision that can only be corrected during the second surgery can really affect people’s lives. Can you imagine trying to drive but seeing two roads? Yikes!

All of our doctors are very well skilled in the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease. We are the best surgery center in all of Houston, TX, for this specific disorder. Additionally, our doctors truly understand how difficult it can be to suffer from this disease. Experience counts! And, you can count on our experience. Our surgeons have performed over 6,000 surgeries for the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease.

TEPEZZA is the only FDA-approved Treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Recently, the only Thyroid Eye Disease treatment approved by the FDA came on the market, Tepezza. This is an infusion that has been studied in patients suffering from active disease. After a series of infusions during the clinical trials, patients showed a significant decrease in eye bulging (proptosis) and inflammatory markers. So far, this is the only treatment shown to reverse changes, like proptosis. That being said, this medication shows true promise for the unfortunate patients suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease.

Fortunately, our very own Dr. Jennifer Murdock is the only invited speaker in Houston, TX, to provide educational talks about Tepezza. Additionally, she is one of the few people in the country to have the first-hand experience with this treatment because she participated in the clinical trials in Portland, Oregon. Therefore, you should definitely consult with the experts at Plastic Surgery Eye Associates for an evaluation and for more information about Tepezza and other Thyroid Eye Disease treatments.

The Experts are Here, at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates

No one in all of Houston, TX, has the experience and the knowledge with Thyroid Eye Disease treatment like our team of surgeons. Not only are our plastic surgeons the best, but our caring staff will also give you the best customer service throughout your entire journey through this disease. Contact our office today by calling (713) 795-0705. Alternatively, you can visit our website for more information about our doctors or about the different reconstructive procedures we perform.

Also, our doctors have made a series of videos to educate people about Thyroid Eye Disease. These videos are available online for free! Men and women both can find valuable information with our Thyroid Eye Disease video series or by scheduling a consultation with our doctors. So don’t suffer any longer with eye redness and irritation or bug-eyes. Come and visit Plastic Eye Surgery Associates today!

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