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In the Woodlands TX eye lift surgery is commonly performed by the experts at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. Our doctors are the best of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Our practice has been recognized as leaders in oculoplastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery. The surgeons at PESA have achieved numerous accolades demonstrating their experience and continuing expertise in the field.

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think, how did I get to look so old? Aging affects everyone in different ways. Unfortunately, it changes your face from a plump and perky 20-year-old to a wrinkly, saggy 60-year-old. Upper and lower eyelids can change significantly with time as well.  Your eyes speak messages your words cannot.  Aging can cause eyelids to have excess skin, pooching fat, eye bags, and stellate wrinkles.

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Dr. James Patrinely

Luckily these changes make for good candidates for eyelid surgery with Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. Our plastic surgeons specialize in reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. While we specialize in cosmetic surgery, most of our work is corrective surgery for patients who have had previous surgery from other surgeons. We have many patients tell us their last plastic surgeon has a standard way that they repetitively perform a procedure. This is a big issue because different facial structures and individual goals require different techniques and surgical approaches.

Our surgeons provide unique approaches for each individual patient.  Whether you’re having cosmetic surgery for the first time or need facial reconstruction, our surgeons provide the best results in plastic surgery in The Woodlands, TX. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Patrinely, Dr. Murdock, or Dr. Soparkar.  We are happy to meet you to discuss eye lifts and other plastic surgery options.

What is an eye lift?

An eyelift can encompass removing excess skin or raising the eyelid by tightening the eyelid muscle. Blepharoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in men and women. Aging eyelids can give you a tired, disinterested, or even angry look.  They may not appropriately portray your true feelings on the inside. Along with droopy eyelids and excess skin, you may also develop Crow’s feet, deep eyelid wrinkles, and under-eye bags.

These are signs that you may need to schedule a consultation. Lower and upper eyelid surgery is commonly performed by our experts at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. With an invisible incision, eyelid procedures are quick and easy, so you can go home the same day. Our surgeons may remove excess skin, tighten the eyelid muscles, sharpen the angle of the eye, or remove extra fatty deposits.

Depending on what you want for your facial appearance, our physicians can sculpt the area around your eyes help you achieve your goals. Upper and lower eyelid surgery can make you look younger and more awake. Our surgeons have decades of experience, performing more than 10x more eyelid surgeries than the general plastic surgeon in America.

What makes Plastic Eye Surgery Associates different?

You may be wondering what makes us different from another plastic surgeon near me? First, our experience speaks leaps and bounds about our expertise in plastic surgery. We have been globally recognized as leaders in blepharoplasty and eyelid surgery. We have trained many other doctors throughout the years, educating them in plastic eye surgery, Mohs reconstruction, and eyelid surgery.

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Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Not only are our surgeons capable of any type of ophthalmic plastic surgery, but they also are kind, honest, and dedicated to making you happy. Our staff provides the best customer service. When you come in for a consultation, our doctors pay close attention to the details of your facial features, aging changes, gender-specific characteristics, and other attributes that can affect surgery and the final results. Considering these details allows our surgeons to maximize results, uniquely tailored to fit your individual needs.

For example, neglecting cheek projection and how the cheek supports the eyelid could cause other surgeons to remove too much skin or fat. Down the road, this can cause dry eye problems, eye irritation, and even corneal scarring. Our oculoplastic surgeons understand how your cheeks, forehead, and brow position can affect your eyelids, thus providing the best surgical results.

 The Woodlands TX Eye Lift and Other Cosmetic Procedures

I live in The Woodlands, TX.  What can an eye lift do for me? Or should I consider another cosmetic procedure? If you schedule a consultation with us now, our experts at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates can discuss your options for plastic surgery. People who have had eye lifts or blepharoplasty are very happy after surgery. Our patients report that their eyelids feel lighter, thus making them feel more refreshed and awake.

By removing excess skin and tightening the tissue around the eyes, we can reduce the heaviness and tiredness people feel with droopy eyelids. Puffy eyes and under-eye bags can be reduced when we remove and reposition excess fat that prolapses in the eyelid.  The forehead also doesn’t have to continuously contract to lift the eyelids to see.  As a result, the forehead feels more relaxed, and deep creases in the forehead soften.

Often, we combine other cosmetic procedures with eye lifts. We may consider Botox for reducing the wrinkles in the Crow’s feet or a brow lift so that the eyebrows aren’t pushing down on the eyelids, causing more drooping. Your cosmetic surgeon will analyze the face as a whole, rather than focusing on a single eyelid problem. At PESA, we want you to have the best aesthetic facial surgery options available.

What else affects my surgery?

Many details from your body, your background, and your desires affect the outcome of cosmetic surgery. Our oculoplastic surgeons consider all of these characteristics to optimize a custom surgery just for you.

  • Personal Goals
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Genetics
  • Facial Asymmetry
  • Forehead and Cheek Projection
  • Bags Under the Eyes
  • Eyebrow Position
  • Eyelid Height
  • Lacrimal Gland Prolapse
  • The shape of the Eye
  • Fat, Skin and Muscle
  • Skin Quality
  • Chronic Disease
  • Total Body Wellness
  • Previous Surgeries
  • Eye Health

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Dr. Charles Soparkar

Our doctors analyze all of these attributes when you schedule a consultation. During the consultation with your plastic surgeon, we welcome any and all questions. Above all, we want to make you comfortable when you are making an important decision about plastic surgery.

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We are waiting to take care of your aesthetic needs, so get in touch with us today. You can contact us at (713) 795-0705, or you can visit our website for more information. This article only discusses a few of the cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries that we offer. Be sure to see The Woodlands office page in order to see all the services offered. Find out more information and schedule a consultation by calling us today. Our board-certified surgeons will do what it takes to fulfill your goals. At Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, we are the best surgery center for The Woodlands TX Eye Lift and all of your other cosmetic needs.

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Dr. Patrinely, Dr. Soparkar, and Dr. Murdock are highly trained, widely recognized, and broadly published oculoplastic surgeons.

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