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In Houston TX under eye filler can be a tricky cosmetic procedure. Luckily, the experts at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are the doctors who can perform these injections. Only the best plastic surgeons have the knowledge and experience to bring you the best in dermal fillers, facial plastic surgery, and corrective surgery, all while providing patient comfort.

We know how essential it is to trust your oculoplastic surgeons. That’s why we work tirelessly to prove to the men and women of Houston that we mean business. Our staff is eager to assist you in finding the right fillers for your facial sculpting. Once you request a consultation with one of our physicians, you’ll see why so many people across the Houston area come to our practice for ocular and facial plastic surgery.

Sugar Land Texas Eye Plastic Surgery

Dr. James Patrinely

We here at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates understand that every patient we serve is unique and requires a strategy specific to them. We tailor our procedures to your particular face, so you can be sure you’ll get the best treatment plan. Whether you are interested in cosmetic injectables, eyelid lifts, or ptosis surgery, our doctors are up to the task. Don’t let eye bags bring you down. Call today to schedule an appointment for your under eye filler.

Providing You With The Best Houston TX Under Eye Filler

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates has over 25 years of experience in the Houston area, satisfying patients with all of their oculoplastic concerns. Our mission is to achieve the best surgical outcomes while providing top-quality patient care. Of course, results after any procedure are very important. With our surgical skills, we can fix those deep hollows under your eyes. Our doctors are the experts in all sorts of cosmetic injections for the face.

Our very own Dr. Patrinely, Dr. Murdock, and Dr. Soparkar have extensive experience and knowledge in facial plastic surgery. With dermal fillers, these surgeons can sculpt your face with precision and efficiency. Hollow and saggy lower eyelids can make people look older and worn out. For a desirable appearance, you want eyes to look bright and youthful. You can trust in the surgeons at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates every time.

Dr. James Patrinely

A leader in oculoplastic surgery, Dr. Patrinely has served the community for the better part of three decades. He graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Dr. Patrinely finished residency and fellowship at John Hopkins, the University of Utah, and Baylor College of Medicine. He is board-certified in ophthalmology and credentialed by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons. His time as an oculoplastic surgeon has taught him the value of hard work and perseverance.

Dr. Patrinely was an associate professor in both ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery and continues to educate new surgeons in his practice. Now, this doctor dedicates his career to the betterment of patient care. With almost 200 works published in medical journals and close to 300 lectures given across the globe, Dr. Patrinely is a pillar in the plastic surgery community.

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Not to be shown up by his mentor, Dr. Soparkar excels in patient comfort and quality procedures. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a medical degree and Ph.D. in molecular biochemistry. After that, he was appointed Chief of ophthalmic oncology and oculoplastic surgery at the Lahey-Hitchcock Clinic, the Boston Medical Center, and the University of Massachusetts. With his extensive knowledge, Dr. Soparkar has been invited to countries across five different continents to lecture in his fields of expertise.

Sugar Land Texas Eye Lift

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Dr. Soparkar teaches in molecular biochemistry, oculoplastic surgery, ophthalmic oncology, ocular pathology, ocular and periocular aging, and aesthetic and plastic surgery. He started PASS, the Pan American Study Society, a group dedicated to improving patient care and clinical knowledge. Currently, he is a leader in complicated orbital disease, like Thyroid Eye Disease.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Adding a female touch, Dr. Murdock is the best female plastic surgeon in Houston, TX to provide yours under eye filler. Hailing from Houston, Dr. Murdock returned to her hometown after extensive training in Miami, FL, and Portland, OR. Now, she joins Dr. Patrinely and Dr. Soparkar to provide the best cosmetic facial injections to both men and women.

Cosmetic Injectables

When it comes to facial injections, it’s essential to get it from certified professionals. Whether it’s a Botox injection or a Restylane filler injection, we do our best to reduce deep creases and fine lines.

Say goodbye to nasolabial folds and hello to perky cheeks. The hyaluronic acid in fillers restores collagen and can improve your skin texture. Then, you can enjoy a smoother facial appearance. Whether you prefer Botox or Dysport, Restylane or Voluma, Plastic Eye Surgery Associates is the place for you.

Juvederm ®

Sugar Land TX Ptosis Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Juvederm, Voluma, and Volbella are a family of injectable gels for facial cosmetics. Our facial cosmetic surgeons can lift, smooth, and plump your face with these products. Filler has helped millions of men and women worldwide to achieve a look that makes them feel confident again. Injections last months to years and take effect immediately. We’ve been offering fillers since their development.  Also, our doctors discovered the original medication that is used to reverse the effects of filler and complications.

Restylane ®

Restylane Lyft, Refyne, and Defyne are fillers brought to you by Galderma. Not only is this line of fillers used for facial aesthetics, but it has recently been approved to help make the hands look better. We offer many different types of fillers to treat different areas. Our experts know exactly which filler to use for the cheeks, lips, chin, jawline, and deep facial creases. Sometimes, our practice holds events where we offer discounts on all of our fillers.

Contact Plastic Eye Surgery Associates for your Under Eye Filler Today

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates knows that many men and women are getting cosmetic injections these days. Skip the plastic surgery and opt for a Houston office procedure instead. Try out under eye filler treatment today. Call our office at (713) 795-0705 or find us online. Trust only the experts at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates for your Houston TX under eye filler.

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