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In the Woodlands Texas Droopy Eyelid Surgery is a simple cosmetic procedure creating a buzz. Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed a droopy eyelid? Droopy eyelids can look off-putting and even cause loss of vision. A droopy eyelid is caused by excess skin from aging or a stretching or loss of the attachment of the eyelid muscle that opens the eyes.

At Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, our oculoplastic surgeons perform procedures to fix upper eyelids. We also perform brow lifts, surgery for the removal of eyelid bags, cosmetic injections along with other types of reconstructive and plastic surgery. If you schedule a consultation with Dr. James Patrinely, Dr. Charles Soparkar, or Dr. Jennifer Murdock, are dedicated experts in the field. We do more than merely explain the procedure in detail. We engage our patients in all surgical planning so that we can accomplish your surgical goals together.

Houston Texas Ptosis Surgery

Dr. James Patrinely

Upper eyelid surgery usually involves a small incision and less than a 30-minute procedure to restore the look of your eyelids. Blepharoptosis is caused when the main muscle attached to the skeletal structure of your eye socket detaches. Thus, it gives you the appearance of “lazy eyelids” or “droopy eyelids.” Blepharoplasty helps with this problem, so you can continue throughout your life looking more alert, aware, and less tired to others around you.

Speak Without Words

While it may seem like a minuscule problem to others, droopy eyelids can be very bothersome for a person. Droopy eyelid skin can be so severe, it can hang over your eyelid lash line and block your vision. This can cause problems when you’re driving on the road, looking on the top shelf at the grocery store, playing sports, and even looking down to read a book. When your peripheral vision is limited, you may overuse your forehead muscle, making deep wrinkles in the natural creases in your forehead.

While some may lift their forehead muscle, others tilt their head backwards to see better. This can continuously strain your neck. Headaches and neck pain are chronic issues if droopy eyelids are not treated. Unlike stye infections or pink eye which resolve with time and eye drops, droopy eyelids require eyelid surgery to correct. Blepharoplasty is a simple procedure to help lift the eyelids, thus relieving headaches, deep forehead creases, and neck pain that were caused by the extra effort previously used to lift the eyelids.

Ninety-three percent of our communication is nonverbal. This fact means our body language and facial expressions are crucial when communicating with others. Humans can make around twenty-one different facial expressions. Imagine all of the combinations of expressions you can make! Make sure your face is reflecting your true intent with eyes that are able to express what you what to say, unhindered by excess weight and drooping.

About The Woodlands Texas Droopy Eyelid Surgery

During your initial consultation, your oculoplastic surgeon will explain all of the details about the procedure and answer all of your questions before proceeding. Usually, local anesthesia is used for eyelid surgery, however, some patients prefer IV sedation to feel more comfortable. Then, we remove excess skin and fatty tissue within the eyelids. We will be with you every step of the way during the post-op healing, giving your our tips and advice to reduce swelling, bruising, and inflammation.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

We have four locations where we perform consultations and in-office surgery. These are located in Houston TX, The Woodlands TX, Destin FL, and Pensacola FL. Plastic surgeons Drs. James Patrinely, Jennifer Murdock, and Charles Soparkar are highly trained, internationally recognized, and board-certified professionals in their craft. Therefore, you’re in good hands when choosing our services.

We also provide other procedures for your eyelids for complicated diseases such as thyroid eye disease, eyelid skin cancer, and eyelid reconstruction. This can correct either previous surgery or injury following an unfortunate accident. Collectively, we have performed over 150,000 oculofacial surgeries. Our experience is reliable.

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Some of our accolades in news and magazine articles include Best Doctors, Super Doctors Texas Hall of Fame, Leading Physicians of the World, and many more! We help thousands of people with facial reconstructions and cosmetic procedures alike.  Both men and women have been satisfied with our care.  Now, we are also seeing children with droopy eyelids or eyelid bumps.

Are you worried you can’t afford plastic surgery? No sweat. We have patients from different income levels, backgrounds, and experiences who come to us for their cosmetic and reconstructive needs. Fifty to seventy percent of our surgery is medically necessary and covered by insurance. We’ll work with you to ensure all of your needs are met.

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Not only do the oculoplastic surgeons at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates provide top-notch care, but we also train fellow physicians around the world. We are affiliated with many different academic institutions throughout Houston, training specialists in plastic surgery, ENT surgery, and ophthalmology. Our physicians have also been invited to give lectures internationally to other facial plastic surgeon experts. On the cutting edge of research, our physicians have published hundreds of peer-review publications.

For more information about eyelid surgery, crow’s feet wrinkles, forehead creases, or eye bags, call (713) 795-0705. We’ll take care of your needs so you can experience a new outlook on life both physically and socially. The Woodlands office page has all the services listed. Let Plastic Eye Surgery Associates provide care for The Woodlands Texas droopy eyelid surgery!

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