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Have you been searching for “Pensacola FL Droopy Eyelid Surgery?” Droopy eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed for both men and women. Do you have a lazy eyelid that sometimes gets weird looks? Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are the experts in facial procedures that may help you. With time, we notice a change in our facial appearance. As we continue to age, sometimes our facial changes start interfering with daily life. What if you don’t have to merely learn how to live with it? What if you could fix it with a simple procedure? Drs. James Patrinely, Jennifer Murdock, and Charles Soparkar are widely respected surgeons who are here to help you.

Drooping upper eyelids are a condition the surgeons from Plastic Eye Surgery Associates encounter often. Otherwise known as ptosis, droopy eyelids are caused when the eyelid muscle becomes stretched out or detached from the skeletal frame of the eye. Because the underlying mechanics of the muscle aren’t working, it can give the appearance of a lazy eyelid and fall into your vision. Simple plastic surgery may be all that’s needed to fix your concern. Eyelid lifts or ptosis surgeries are surgical procedures involving a small incision to remove excess skin or reattach the muscle to lift your eyelids.

Our plastic surgeons at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are the best in the business, treating your individual issues with integrity and professionalism to the highest degree. After all, drooping eyelids can obscure your view. Eyelids blocking your vision can cause major problems! For example, when performing physical activity such as dodgeball, it is crucial to see the ball to react. Your peripheral vision helps you react to what is happening all around you, leading to slower reactions if it is blocked.

It’s not about if you win or lose, but if you can see!!

If you’re an athlete who has a droopy eyelid, our services can benefit you. For example, a golfer faces difficulties every time he or she steps up to swing. A golfer has to be able to see the fairway and the hole from a very far distance away. Having a droopy eyelid can block this view, leading to a ball in the rough.

Another physical sport that a droopy eyelid can affect is martial arts. Martial artists who have practiced their craft for many years can have permanent damage from repetitive injuries. For example, MMA fighters often get hit in the face, causing bruising, swelling, and traumatic injury to the facial tissues. This can detach the muscle responsible for raising your eyelid or the tendon that keeps your eyelid tight. It can also cause a fracture in the eye socket or other bones in the face, leading to facial deformities. The Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are experts in facial and eyelid reconstruction in these cases.

In Pensacola FL Droopy Eyelid Surgery can help athletes with their field of vision. Our oculoplastic surgeons are also experts at reconstruction needed after sports injuries. Accidents occur all the time. Pads and gear are usually not enough to protect the face. Tearing of the tissues, large cuts or lacerations of the eyelids, and facial fractures may occur. We do everything in our power to repair these injuries to make your face look like you again. We recommend a consultation with our expert surgeons if these are cases that worry you.

Results of Your Surgery

As previously mentioned, our procedures deal with all aspects of the face. We remove fatty deposits and eye bags, reattach eyelid muscles, and repair fractures of the eye socket, just to name a few procedures. Our goals are to restore your normal facial anatomy to give you an improved overall appearance. This also means correcting any abnormalities so that you can look and feel like your usual happy self.

Social cues, expressions, and behaviors are quite complicated if you think about it. We develop social responses starting at birth that develop throughout our lives. With a droopy eyelid, sunken eye, or large scar in the lash line from an eyelid laceration, your intentional expression may be overshadowed by these facial abnormalities. Unfortunately, this can cause insecurity and embarrassment.

With droopy eyelid surgery and other reconstructive surgeries, we can assist you in recreating the original appearance of your face and eyes. People are very happy with their surgery results at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. Our patients report feeling more awake, more agile, and more confident. Others also respond to our patient’s changes in a very positive way. First impressions can be very important. What message do you want your face to convey?

Your One-Stop-Shop for Eyelid Surgery

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates can be your one-stop-shop for eyelid surgery. We are dedicated to improving your social interactions and expressions by helping with your facial needs. You’ll feel better, but also see better too. Are you also concerned about pesky wrinkles around the eyes like Crow’s feet? We offer Botox and dermal filler in our injections in our office as well. We can address your medical issues and improve your aesthetics at the same time.

When choosing us for your eyelid reconstruction or cosmetic procedure, you’ll notice results very quickly. If you’re interested in more information about Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, call (713) 795-0705. When contacting us, be ready to change your whole scope on life. We provide nothing but top-quality care to our patients and will continue doing so for years to come. You can find our Pensacola office at 17 E. Main St. Suite 100. If you are interested in Pensacola FL Droopy Eyelid Surgery, we deliver results!

Pensacola FL Fun Facts

  • Our city is America’s first settlement.
  • We are known as “The City of Five Flags” since ownership changed several times.
  • Hospitals and retirement homes have won numerous awards for its high standards.
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