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Have you been looking for a trusted Pensacola Florida Oculoplastic surgeon? If so, then you should look into the procedures performed at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. We have been renowned leaders in the field of oculoplastics for over 25 years, and we have no intention of slowing down any time soon. We believe in doing things the right way, and as such, we can ensure that you’ll receive oculoplastic procedures of the highest quality.

In addition to our experience, we also pride ourselves on our consistent and rigorous commitment to excellence. When you trust in the practice of Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, you’re betting on vast experience, full dedication to patient care, and a true commitment to excellence.

Our experience ranges widely, as we have treated patients from all backgrounds. This experience helps us to improve our procedures and understanding of different facial structures. We’ve treated patients with all sorts of problems in the eye area. Often, our patients are looking for a better facial appearance, which consequently improves confidence and self-esteem. Alternatively, some of our patients have problems with their vision due to different eye conditions.

Houston Texas Ptosis Surgery expert Dr. Charles Soparkar, the best oculoplastic surgeon

Dr. Charles Soparkar

For us, it doesn’t matter what your reason is for getting an oculoplastic procedure. We focus on making sure you receive patient care that adheres to the highest standards in oculoplastics. To learn more about the practice and the procedures we perform, visit our website.

About our Pensacola Florida Oculoplastic Procedures

Here at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, we like to be the best at what we do. Our facial plastic surgeons are always looking for ways to improve their procedures and surgical skills. Even more, our oculoplastic surgeons stay as active as possible. Our surgeons perform about 35 oculoplastic procedures per month, a much higher rate than the average plastic surgeon. As such, we can stay up-to-date with the latest updates in the field.

In fact, our surgeons have made their mark on the advancement of medicine by discovering new breakthroughs in oculoplastics. Additionally, our doctors help patients around the world with problems around the eyes by sharing their discoveries with their peers. Above all, we aim to use our experience and knowledge to help as many patients as possible.

Simply put, eyes play a major role in the way you appear to others. Therefore, it makes sense to try and keep your eyes as good-looking as possible. Nothing would be worse than you running into your ex looking old and haggard. At Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, we offer cosmetic procedures that can make you appear younger, energized, more alert, and more beautiful. As a result, you’ll be able to enter social scenes such as presentations, job interviews, meetings, and parties with full confidence.

Overall, we believe that patients should never compromise on quality when it comes to eye plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures. Instead, opt for the consistency, full dedication, and experience of Plastic Eye Surgery Associates. We always strive to provide top-quality oculoplastic procedures. We really do understand how delicate these types of procedures can be, and we’ll do our best to ensure the total satisfaction of our patients. Let’s look into some of the procedures we perform.

Houston Texas Plastic Eye Surgeons Dr. James Patrinely

Dr. James Patrinely


The upper and lower eyelids are one of the main focuses of our practice. As time passes and you begin to age, you’ll notice that the tone and shape of your eyelids begin to loosen and sag. Even more, heredity and sun exposure can further advance the aging process. Importantly, the extra skin and wrinkles in your eyelids can make you seem way more tired or older than you want to appear.

Fortunately, blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that can give your eyes a lift. This procedure is great to give your eyes a more youthful appearance. In surgery, our oculoplastic doctors remove excess skin, tighten lax muscle, and remove or reposition bulging fat from both your upper and lower eyelids. In certain instances, the sagging skin on your upper eyelid obstructs your vision. During a blepharoplasty, this droopy skin is removed. Consequently, the eyelids return to their normal position and your visual field is expanded.

Ptosis Repair

Ptosis refers to a droopy upper eyelid due to muscle weakness or detachment. When the upper eyelids droop, it can obstruct and reduce the field of vision when the eyelid partially of fully obstructs the pupil. Patients who suffer from ptosis can find it difficult to keep their eyes open as the eyelids keep drooping.

As a matter of fact, some patients will resort to arching their eyebrows to attempt to raise the drooping eyelids. In turn, this can cause deep forehead wrinkles.  In some cases, ptosis sufferers raise their eyelids with their fingers in order to improve their vision. How dangerous that can be while driving! With cases involving children, a droopy eyelid may eventually cause amblyopia (lazy eye), which is permanent vision loss. Kids could also suffer from potential developmental delays due to the limitation of vision.

Eyelid Growths and Skin Cancer

Dr. Jennifer Murdock best female oculoplastic surgeon in Houston, Texas for eyelid surgery and orbital reconstruction

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Eyelid skin is very sensitive and thin. As such, this area of the face is one of the first areas to show aging due to sun exposure and the passing of time. Even more, eyelid skin cells can also have serious damage due to environmental toxins and sun damage. As such, it makes sense that skin cancer on eyelids is fairly common.

If you happen to experience the presence of a lesion or nodule on the eyelid, which grows, ulcerates, or bleeds, you should get it checked out as soon as possible. A procedure to treat this type of condition would likely include an examination and a biopsy.

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If you happen to suffer from any of these oculoplastic conditions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to help patients learn more about our procedures and how they can help them. You can contact Plastic Eye Surgery Associates by calling us at (713) 795-0705. We have the best plastic surgeons in the country when it comes to the eyes. If you are searching “Pensacola Florida oculoplastic surgeon near me” then you should get in touch with us today! Moreover, you can learn more about our Pensacola Florida Oculoplastic procedures by visiting our procedures webpage.

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