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“Destin FL cosmetic surgery near me” is probably a phrase you’ll type in the search bar when looking for an excellent cosmetic practice. Many people in our present-day society are interested in plastic surgery, like breast augmentation and liposuction. Luckily for you, Plastic Eye Surgery Associates is a practice that has board-certified plastic surgeons ready to fulfill your cosmetic needs. However, we are different from other cosmetic surgery centers in that we specialize in the delicate areas around the eyes and face.

Dr. James Patrinely, Dr. Jennifer Murdock, and Dr. Charles Soparkar are the experts in oculoplastic surgery. Meaning, we can give your eyes the lift you have always wanted! Our cosmetic surgery involves Destin Florida eye lifts, forehead lifts, midface lifts, and cosmetic injections for the treatment of facial wrinkles. Check us out and we will fix your facial imperfections!

Aging Changes the Face

Sugar Land Texas Eye Plastic Surgery best eyelid surgery with Dr. James Patrinely

Dr. James Patrinely

All of us suffer from aging changes in our faces. Every year, we see more wrinkles and more areas drooping, like jowls. Then, we lose volume in our cheeks, lips, and around the eyes.  Others develop large areas of fat prolapse that produce bags under the eyes. Additionally, many people in Destin, FL seek out cosmetic surgery because they have more sun damage after residing in sunny Florida for so many years.

Sun damage, aging, gravity… somebody, please make it stop!  While we can’t change the laws of physics, our cosmetic surgeons have a few tricks up their sleeves to counteract these changes. Modern technology and new innovations in cosmetic surgery have really advanced the field in the past several years. Interestingly, our doctors were some of the first plastic surgeons to discover and utilize these cosmetic techniques, like Botox and reversal injections for under eye filler.

When you’re considering cosmetic surgery for the face, don’t you only want the best? Thankfully, the experts at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates have all of your facial cosmetic needs covered. However, cosmetic surgery around the eyes can be dangerous. Complications may even cause permanent blindness. Yikes! Stick to the best oculoplastic surgeons in town for a safe surgery that gives you great results.

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates are Dedicated to Patient Care

Whether you’re looking for a complete facial rejuvenation or a simple change to correct a facial flaw, Plastic Surgery Eye Associates can take care of you. We offer a variety of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical options to improve your look. For example, Botox injections are a great way to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and Crow’s feet.  It can also give you a smoother forehead, eliminating deep creases.

On the other hand, some people have excess skin drooping over their upper eyelid, puffy bags under the eyes, and loose eyelid tissue. No problem! Plastic Eye Surgery Associates can help you with these types of issues with a simple blepharoplasty procedure. Also, we can also improve heavy brows that may cause you to look angry with a brow or forehead lift. Men need Botox, too! Additionally, we have a large practice dedicated to male aesthetics.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock best oculoplastic surgeon in Houston TX for thyroid eye disease, orbital surgery, and cosmetic surgery of the eyelids

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

Therefore, when it comes to plastic surgery in Destin, FL, our practice has plastic surgeons dedicated to meet your cosmetic expectations. After all, you only deserve the best. Our surgeons are world-renowned with over 25 years of experience. Experience counts! This also ensures that we are able to provide the best results after cosmetic surgery.

The Prestigious Doctors for the Best Destin FL Cosmetic Surgery Near Me

Our physicians, Dr. James Patrinely, Dr. Jennifer Murdock, and Dr. Charles Soparkar, are internationally known for their expertise in ocular cosmetic surgery. In fact, they often have to perform corrective procedures to fix other doctors’ mistakes. They are all board-certified and truly dedicated to all of your cosmetic needs. Since they specialize specifically in facial reconstruction and cosmetic procedures, they are capable of keeping your eyes and vision safe.

Dr. James Patrinely

Fortunately, we have physicians such as Dr. Patrinely who is one of this country’s best plastic surgeons. As a doctor who is board-certified in ophthalmology, he is an expert in his field. He is even credited by the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, which is an elite group of oculoplastic surgeons.

Moreover, Dr. Patrinely was also an associate professor from 1986 to 1997, where he taught both ophthalmology and plastic surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He, Dr. Murdock, and Dr. Soparkar continue to develop new techniques to improve the standard of care.

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Sugar Land Texas Eye Lift best plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Soparkar for cosmetic surgery at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates

Dr. Charles Soparkar

Already establishing himself as an intellectual, Dr. Soparkar earned a medical degree and Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Massachusetts. Then, Dr. Soparkar served as the Chief of Ophthalmic Oncology and Oculoplastic Surgery. As Chief, he achieved great feats at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Boston University Medical Center, and even the world-renowned Lahey-Hitchcock clinic. As an attentive student as well as instructor, he has taught and published hundreds of works in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Murdock

As a premier female plastic surgeon, Dr. Murdock joins Dr. Patrinely and Dr. Soparkar in their quest for excellence in patient care, medical innovation, and academic practice. She has experience all across the country, from the University of Miami to Oregon Health and Science University. Furthermore, she has performed various clinical trials in cosmetic medicine, studying injection techniques, laser resurfacing, eye cream for eyelid surgery, and new plastic surgery techniques. As you can see, our doctors excel in their practice and continue to make strides in plastic eye surgery.

Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, PLLC

Our practice has specialized in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery since 1985. Our surgeons are innovative leaders in their field and do their best to help patients overall. Therefore, they have combined their knowledge of cosmetic surgery and ophthalmology to initiate something genuinely unique. Because of their innovative ideas, they have taken care of over one-hundred and fifty thousand patients.

Contact Plastic Eye Surgery Associates to learn more about our collaborative practice. Conveniently, we have several locations in Houston and The Woodlands, TX, Destin, FL, and Pensacola, FL. If you live in any of those areas, don’t hesitate to call us. You can reach our Destin, Florida location at (850) 473-0990. You can find out more about cosmetic surgery and other procedures on the Destin clinic location page. Come in for a consultation, and find out why Plastic Eye Surgery Associates is the best Destin FL Cosmetic Surgery Near Me!

Destin FL Fun Facts

  • Also known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”
  • Destin was once located on an island. Very unique!
  • The city is named after Captain Leonard Destin
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